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The Beast Player: The Quest - summary and thoughts [still being updated]

Firstly, I have to thank my lovely friend, Anne, who was so wonderful to bring me the two latter volumes of The Beast Player from her voyage to Japan last year. I started my journey through the Uehashi's new world with the anime adaptation which aired between January and December 2009. Throughout the series I was very curious about the original material, so I looked for the way to get the novel. After reading the first volume for over half a year, I deciced to finish it and the second one was completely different story - it took me three days to finish it. I became so excited that I just devoured the third volume subtitled The Quest. If someone already has done the summary for the latest volumes of The Beast Player, please inform me about it :)  

  • Volume III - The Quest
  1. Voices from the Past - done.
  2. Seimiya's Daily Life
  3. The Descendants
  4. Father and Son
  5. Towards the New Path

  • Volume IV - The Final Chapter
  1. Family's Daily Life
  2. Flight in the Spring
  3. Parting
  4. Madness

Beware of heavy spoilers in the latter part!

  * Chapter One  - Voices from the Past

Current Grand Duke Shunan entrusted our now 31 year old Erin with the task to investigate the Kiba's sudden death in the certain Touda village. Accompanied by the man known as "Black Armour" Yohal -  a talented (almost legendary) Touda rider in his sixties, if I remember correctly, Erin goes there and is welcomed rather normally. Then she starts her tiring investigation, that begins with checking the gender of all dead Kibas, that surprisingly turn out to be females. She also remembered the insects that were near the Touda's corpses when they died in Ake Village almost twenty years earlier. The whole process took her a long time, because apart from Yohal and young and enthusiastic Touda caretaker Chimul, no other caretaker was eager to help her. After the exhausting day (evening?) of checking the corpses and also the gender of other alive Toudas (I'm sorry I don't remember correctly when it happened but it took her a lot of time - not only that one evening, since the number was really big - several dozen, at least thirty if I'm not wrong) she and Yohal were invited to that young man's house and spent their night there, meeting his warm family.

  The facts she discovered we'll come a little  bit later, since we get a tiny glimpse of  a current life in Kazalm Beast King's Center with Esal still being headmaster and one of Erin fellow schoolmates in the past, Tomura currently as one of the teachers. The two of them are commenting at how young Beast Kings that were born in the Center don't want to breed, despite being raised without Special Water and Soundless Whistle. Also here we get to know Erin and Ial's son - 8 year old Jeshi. The boy has the hair and eyes dark just like his father but his personality comes straight from Erin (apart the fact that his mother was rather quiet type). His quite a troublemaker, constantly worrying Esal and others, because he loves to sneak near the Beast Kings not knowing how dangerous it is. Even for him, who was practically raised among them because of Erin's work. Being caught in flagrante delicto by angry Esal he promises her that he won't come near them while they're outside, after being told that if he continues the "poor" beasts will be closed in the shed for everyone’s safety. It is also noted that the young Jeshi really misses his mother.

Meanwhile Erin working tirelessly on her investigation gets ready to the most creepy part of this task. Being accompanied only by Yohal, she begins the autopsy of the dead Kibas. The shocking revelation is that the case of Toudas death was Special Water given only to them and not fully developed eggs that started to grow inside their bodies. We also get some creepy description about the certain views and smells that was inextricable part of that process (earlier, if IRC she had the conversation with Yohal, but she didn't tell him then and after, during the autopsy about her discovery - she lied when he asked if the cause of the abnormal changes within Kiba's body was the poison. She at that time that is was because of Special Water. Taking her time to calm down she went outiside to get some fresh air and think about everything. Not that she can...

She suddenly notices that someone observes her. The one who coming out from within shadow of the trees was a woman that seemed to be in her fifties/sixties. She named herself Tsurana also revealing to be Erin's aunt from her father's side. Surprised Erin doesn't remember her at first but after a few minutes she recalls a vague memories from the time she was 5 year old - the last time she saw Tsurana. Aunt hands her over a small package (or a little later... - never mind) telling Erin to open it when she'll be by herself. Then they're having fast but rather friendly conversation about the old times. Erin gets to know a few things about her parents that she definitely wouldn't be able to discover herself, especially after so long. For example: Soyon was sixteen year old when she met a year older Asson, who died leaving his pregnant seventeen year old wife alone. Yeah, pretty nice, don't you think?... Meaning, awfully young really Soyon struggled through all this years all alone just for her daughter - at least Tsurana said that - (or not... Sorry, but that comes from the fact that she was still prepared to sacrifice their life together and her own just for some rule and obeyed the Mist People Code which resulted in her later execution). So, after counting a little bit we also come to the revelation that Erin's mother was just 27 when she died...which means that at the current point Erin is older than her mother (counting the moments from earlier when she could lose her life I'd call it quite a success). Unfortunately their conversation gets interrupted and afraid of being discovered Tsurana vanishes, leaving Erin a little confused. Finding the moment of privacy Erin opened the package and found a letter written by her aunt with some scraps of paper which later turn out to be what was left of Soyon's personal belongings. Erin's grandfather, believing that mother and daughter are dead ordered to destroy all of Soyon's books including the diary, which parts was luckily saved by Sajuu's mother and later handed over to Tsurana. Excited Erin started to read the scraps and the old memories started to return one after another. She also came across a strange term Karentarou Pare, which means "the people that remained in the valley". Soyon also wrote that she wanted to go there someday. Erin had no idea what "people" her mother was referring to.

So, finally Erin succeeded in being white hope of Chimul's family and proved the caretaker responsible for Kibas innocent (IIRC Chimul's brother's life was at stake)in that case. The revelation contained the facts that all dead Kiba were born at the same time and all of them were female, also the cause of death was undeveloped egg that started to grow because of Special Water given only to Kiba - but that real cause still wasn't revealed to the people. After happy Chimul went home to spread a good news Erin remarked to Yohal how much she wanted young and really smart Chimul to study at Kazalm - but it was practically impossible since he took care of Touda not Beast Kings. Yohal also says that checking all other Toudas in different villages would be rather difficult but is still some kind of obligation since they came that far. Erin is terrified by the idea of visiting countless other places and not knowing how much more time it could take. Just looking at her Yohal knows her opinion that's why he offers her to visit just one more village which later turns to be somewhat special among all others...

The End (for now) TBC, of course.

P.S. I'm sorry for my crappy English and if anyone had any comment feel free to use the comments below.     

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