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The Return of Couch-potato Fan of the Beast Player - Kemono no souja manga ends...

Yay, it’s time to return after… uhm, five years? Times go by… And it’s too fast… Ok, now back to the main topic.
It’s been eight years with Kemono no souja manga… Everything comes to an end… Eventually… And so here we are: with 65 chapters behind us and 11th volume to be published in April. Wasn’t a very long ride but very interesting and undoubtedly worthremembering. Unlike TV series, manga stays faithful to the original material to the very end thus even as standalone story being worth reading as a substitute for novel (less words more pictures!). Especially for non-Japanese speaking fans, who are not lucky enough to know French (two volumes published) and German (one volume published) or Korean. Though on the other hand there are still two untouched volumes of the novel. The story that takes place eleven years after the battle on Tahai Aze. The story that takes us on even more breath-taking and bitter-sweet journey with Erin and her family, friends and… enemies. Welp… maybe sometime in the future…

After reading all Uehashi Nahoko's published books I finally thought about returing to blogging about Kemono no souja since all her novels are great and I'm planning to write something about all of them! When of if finish writing about The Beast Player.

Being couch potato is no good...
Studying forever is also no good...
So... I hope to see you soon!
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