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The Beast Player 5.5 - Wound

  Title: "Wound" (Kizu 傷)
  Chapter: 5.5
  Pages: 27
  Magazine: G.S. Sirius # 5
  Date: April 2011
   Action of this chapter takes place in the first half of the second novel. It corresponds to the 29th episode of the anime and unlike the TV series is absolutely faithful to the original text to the point of containing the same dialogues. It doesn't add any unnecessary scenes like those in serial:
 * changing brush for the bigger one with the help Nukku and Mokku.
 * getting bigger audience for combing Lilan.
 * Erin floating about aimlessly after getting bitten.

 Everything happened rather quickly and without unnecessary addiction. It's really nice to see the graphic version of the novel, but if you're familiar with the book nothing will surprise you. About the plot itself I can tell that right now we are at the very important point, because it's exactly now when Erin realizes how difficult it is to breed a wild beast and how dangerous even the smallest mistake can be. It was also the chapter when she ultimately decided her future by not giving up in her struggle to understand and to communicate with Lilan, that has been officially confirmed to be a female. At last things are getting more and more serious and I guess it is the last chapter with fourteen year-old Erin.   


  At the beginning of the autumn the students started returning to Kazalm Beast Center from summer vacation. The first ones to meet with Erin after a long break are Yuuyan and Tomura. As poor Lilan started moulting Erin came up with the idea of scrathing her with the brush used normally for horses. As she begins her "show" with her two friens watching spechless in wonder as she strokes Lilan's muzzle. Unfortunalety something goes wrong and Oujuu snaps surprised girl. As she was losing consciousness Erin started to walk in the direction of terrified Yuuyan and Tomura that are running to help her. Erin wakes up in bed with Esal by her side. The headmaster is really disappointed and tells Erin that she should have been more careful while taking care of Lilan. She orders her not to go too close to the almost adult Lilan if Erin wants to live a little longer, because any other time she can end with with not only wounded ear and arm but with carotid bitten through. As she goes on, Esal explains that in contact with the beast the most important is the awerness of who's the stronger one. And the most important point of her speech was the fact the feeling connecting living things is not affection but fear. As Erin declines saying that if she distances herself from Lilan now young beast will definitely go back to her former self and eventually die, Esal urges her to write a will in which in case of any accident involving Lilan she takes all responsibility for the outcome and if she was to lose her life the only one responsible for that will be she herself. Headmaster also gives Erin the whistle "just in case". So our dear heroine writes a will and with new experience, strong resolution and a few stitches goes back to her beloved pupil.

See you next month!         
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